What is the LPG Bobtail?

LPG Bobtails can be the most efficient option for LPG Supply to small and medium size industries in India who are not connected to the natural gas grid.

LPG Bobtails consist of chassis mounted transportation tanks, that can be manufactured according to ASME, CODAP or other standards. Tank capacities generally range from five to ten tons.

Bobtail pumping systems can be powered by the truck engine through a hydraulic drive or shaft, or by electric motor.

At LPG filling stations, Bobtails are filled with LPG.  At customer locations, the LPG is transferred from Bobtail to customers’ tanks through a hose reel and Flow-Meter that measures the fuel delivered.  As such, a Bobtail makes it possible to deliver specific quantities to a customer, including smaller quantities required by small and medium sized industry.

Bobtail are used extensively worldwide in all developed LPG markets. CGVI is pioneering the LPG distribution by Bobtail in India.  Currently in India, bulk LPG deliveries are only possible with full trailer quantities, which generally must exceed 15 metric tonnes.