Why Choose CGI

A Central Gas system replaces high carbon fuels as well as LPG cylinders with a cost saving, significantly cleaner, and more efficient underground LPG tank solution, which will be refilled in bulk by CGI’s LPG Bobtail Delivery trucks.

Cost Savings

Significant cost savings can be realized by conversion to Central Gas. As an Energy Services Company (ESCO), CGI will also invest and finance your Central Gas System.

Performance and Reliability

Continuous fuel application; better control of LPG pressure; improved operation of heating systems; scalable for growth.


Underground tanks; compliance with PESO and international safety codes and practices.


Hassle free, labor saving system; limited number of fuel delivery transactions per month.


Pay only for actual LPG consumption; CGVI invests in your installation offsetting some of the up-front costs.

What Is Central Gas?

CGI Offers

World-CLass LPG solution that include

Underground bulk LPG storage

LPG piped to burners and other applications

Delivery of LPG by smaller Bobtail tanker trucks

Favourable bulk LPG pricing from Indian Oil Corporation

Installation maintenance and 24/7 support

Opportunities for favourable financing

What Is LPG?

What Is LPG?

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels with a much lower carbon footprint than fuel oil, wood, or coal. LPG is also one of the most versatile sources of energy that is used extensively in industrial, commercial as well as residential applications.

CGI Specialises In

Converting industry from high carbon fuels such as High Speed Diesel and Furnace Oil to clean LPG Central Gas, which offers significant cost savings and improved industrial operations.

Converting industry from LPG Cylinders to LPG Central Gas offering cost savings and significantly improved efficiencies and safety.

Offering financing based on an ESCO (Energy Services Company) model whereby the costs of conversion to LPG Central Gas will be favourably financed and repaid based on actual energy cost savings realized.

Our Mission

Empower industry in India with the most efficient, innovative and cost saving clean-energy solutions in compliance with world-class safety standards.

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